Epworth, England

Samuel Wesley was rector of St. Andrews Church, Epworth, from 1695 to 1735.
001_20140412 Epworth-St Andrews Church

Samuel and Susanna lived in the rectory. Susanna, bore him at least 19 children, although only seven daughters and three sons - Samuel Jr, John and Charles - survived to adulthood. Susanna educated all her children diligently and instilled in them the methodical approach that would later characterize her sons' approach to religion.
002_201404_12Int Epworth Old Rectory 

Richard at the market cross where John Wesley, an itinerate preacher, preached every other year between 1742 and 1790.  He stayed at the Red Lion Inn. 
003_201404_12 Epworth Preaching Spot and Inn_Richard 

Suzanna beside a lifesize wax figure of John Wesley.  He was a short man!
004_20140412 Epworth-Samuel and Susanna Wesley Home _Suz and John Wesley

Stained glass window at Wesley Memorial Church, Epworth.
005_20140412 Epworth-Wesley Memorial Church

Great Malvern, England

Great Malvern Priory dates back to 1085 and has a stained glass window, the Magnificat, which was donated by Henry VII, 1501-02.
006_201404_18 Malvern Priory


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