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2015 - Spring in UK

The magnolia tree at the office was beautiful this spring!
000__201504_07 Magnolia Tree at J-House (3)

Olney (pronounced with silent L), Buckinghamshire, has been the home of the Shrove Tuesday pancake race since 1445!  Home to John Newton (Amazing Grace) and William Cowper (hymnist and poet), the weather vane depicts Cowper and his pet hares.
001_201504_02 Olney Slide

Lace factory in Olney
002_201504_02 Olney_Old Lace Factory

Cowper and Newton Museum in Olney has an interesting exhibit about lace making.  We learned where we get the term flashlight!  Note the clear glass globes.  They would be filled with water to help disperse the candle light for those making lace!  (By the way, flashlights in UK are called torches.)
003_201504_02 Olney_Cowper and Newton Museum-Lace Maker with Flash Light (3)

We had fun dressing up in period costumes at Cowper and Newton Museum in Olney.
004_201504_02 Olney_Cowper and Newton Museum-with period clothing (2)_CR

Tracing John Bunyan, we visited Bedford, UK.
005_201204_03 Bedford

The Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford, England, was built from 1664 to 1668 after a design by Christopher Wren for the University of Oxford.  It hosts university classical concerts, lectures and ceremonies (including graduations).
006_201504_04 Oxford_Building where graduation ceremonies occur-about 60 per year

Bodleian Library, the main research library of the University of Oxford, is one of the oldest libraries in Europe, and in Britain is second in size only to the British Library with over 11 million items!
007_201504_04 Oxford_University Library

William Archibald Spooner (22 July 1844 – 29 August 1930), an Anglican priest, was dean and warden of Oxford’s New College.  His name is given to the linguistic phenomenon of spoonerism.  Examples of spoonerisms: 
"The Lord is a shoving leopard" (Loving shepherd)
"It is kisstomary to cuss the bride" (...customary to kiss the bride)
008_201504_04 Oxford_New College_Spooner_College Vicar

Oxford’s Turf Tavern dates back to 1381!
009_201504_05 Oxford_Turf Tavern-since 1381

Nuffield Place, home of Sir William Morris, philanthropist and founder of Morris Motor Company
010_201504_06 Nuffield Place

Morris Car (1934) at Nuffield Place home.
011_201504_06 Nuffield Place-1934 Morris Car

800th Anniversary of Magna Carta! At Runnymede on 15 June 1215 King John agreed to have the ‘Great Charter’ sealed. This event has later become recognized as one of the most important events in English history as it marked the road to individual freedom, parliamentary democracy and to the supremacy of law.
012_201504_06 Runnymede-Site of Magna Carta signing-Magna Carta Memorial

Runnymede’s British memorial for U.S. President John F. Kennedy was jointly dedicated in May 1965, by Queen Elizabeth II and Jacqueline Kennedy, prior to a reception for the Kennedy family at Windsor Castle.
013_201504_06 Runnymede-Site of Magna Carta signing-JF Kennedy Memorial

Runnymede is a water-meadow alongside the River Thames (Surrey County, 20 miles west of London. We enjoyed a snack after an invigorating walk.
014_201504_06 Runnymede-Site of Magna Carta signing-beside the Thames River

Clock tower in Epsom, UK.  Epsom gives it name to Epsom Salts which were identified from mineral waters there.  Epsom is famous for the Epsom Downs Racecourse which hosts the Epsom Derby.
015_201504.11 Epsom

Nymans, near Haywards Heath, West Sussex, is an English garden developed by three generations of the Jewish Messel family, from the late 19th century.
016_201404_18 Nymans

This magnolia tree at Nymans is the largest we have seen!
017_201404_18 Nymans_Huge Magnolia Tree

Rhododendrons have been blooming at our office grounds for a month.
018_201504.16 Suzanna and Richard at JHouse

Sherlock Holmes Exhibit at London Museum – The “bookshelf” is a secret door.
020_201503.07Sherlock Holmes at London Museum-Suzie

Sherlock Holmes Exhibit at London Museum
019_201503.07Sherlock Holmes at London Museum-Richard

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Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

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