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2015 - August in UK

Near and around Redhill, England

We are enjoying a busy summer in our home area.  UK has wonderful public walking paths everywhere.  We love exploring new walking areas – getting exercise while seeing more of God’s beautiful creation. 

We recently walked local trails near Mercers County Park. 
001_201508.15  Mercers County Park (Mersham)02

We stopped for a snack as we walked near wheat fields and meadows of grazing sheep and rams.
002_201508.15 Walking from Reigate to Mersham

We enjoyed visiting Westerham, near Chartwell, home of Winston Churchill.  St. Mary’s Church (see Christian Heritage album) stands near his statue.
003_201508.08 Westerham - Churchill statue

Celebrating Tony’s birthday with church friends who are in our Bible study group
004_201508.13 Tony's Birthday_CR

Suzanna celebrated her birthday in August.  Friends invited us for dinner and served this delicious birthday “cake”!
005_201508.14 Suzie with Birthday Watermelon

American friends welcomed another daughter on July 20.
006_201507.23 Hanhams with Toler Children

Our area has many nice parks for families.  We enjoy spending time with children of our friends.
007_20150822 Eva at Redhill Park

Gravesend, England

This statue of Princess Pocahontas (1595–1617) is in Gravesend, UK near St. George’s Church.  She was the daughter of a Native American chieftain, the first of her nation to convert to Christianity, and was credited with saving the life of John Smith in 1607.  She married tobacco planter John Rolfe and sailed with him to London, with their two-year-old son, Thomas, where she was received at King James’ Court as a celebrity in London.  On their return voyage, Pocahontas became ill and died on a ship anchored off Gravesend before she was able to return to the country of her birth.   Gravesend is a twin city with Chesterfield, VA; and the visitor’s center included lots of information about Chesterfield!
008_201508.17 Gravesend - Pocahontas

Rochester, England

Rochester Castle stands on the east bank of the River Medway in Rochester, Kent, South East England. The 12th-century keep or stone tower, which is the castle's most prominent feature, is one of the best preserved in England or France.
009_201508.17 Rochester Castle

View of Rochester Cathedral from Rochester Castle
010_201508.17 View of Rochester Cathedral from Rochester Castle

London, England

Watts Memorial in Postman’s Park is a memorial to Heroic-Self Sacrifice, commemorating sixty-two individuals, men, women and children, each of whom lost their life while attempting to save another
011_201508.18 London - G F Watts Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice

The Golden Boy of Pye Corner is a small monument that marks the spot where the 1666 Great Fire of London was stopped. 
012_201508.18 London Fire Memorial 1666

The Royal Courts of Justice, commonly called the Law Courts, houses both the High Court and Court of Appeal of England and Wales.
013_201508.18 London Royal Courts of Justice

Devil’s Dyke, England

Devil’s Dyke is located just north of Brighton
014_201508.21 Devils Dyke

Devil’s Dyke has stunning panoramas and a record breaking valley
015_201508.21 View from Devils Dyke

At nearly a mile long, the Dyke valley is the longest, deepest and widest 'dry valley' in the UK. Legend has it that the Devil dug this chasm to drown the parishioners of the Weald.
016_201508.21 Devils Dyke

It was a perfect day for hiking Devil’s Dyke!
017_201508.21 Hiking thru Devils Dyke

After our hike, we rode the bus from Devil’s Dyke to Brighton.
018_201508.21 Bus from Brighton to Devils Dyke

Brighton, England

The Royal Pavilion is a former royal residence. It was built in three stages, beginning in 1787, as a seaside retreat for George, Prince of Wales, who became the Prince Regent in 1811.
019_201508.21 Brighton - Royal Pavilion

Brighton’s Victoria Fountain was inaugurated May 25, 1846 for the Queen's twenty-seventh birthday.
020_201508.21 Brighton City Fountain

Brighton beach and pier (from top of bus)
021_201508.21 Brighton - City Pier from top of bus

Brighton’s pebble beach
022_201508.21 Brighton City Pier

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Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

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