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Corinth, Greece

Our last visit was to the ancient ruins of Corinth.  We ate lunch beside the Corinth Canal.
017_201507.09q Corinth - 6 mile Canal between Corinthian Gulf and XX Gulf

The Corinth Canal is a 6-mile waterway that connects the Gulf of Corinth in the Ionian Sea with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea.  It is similar to the Panama Canal and makes the southern third of Greece into a huge island.
018_201507.09q Corinth - 6 mile Canal between Corinthian Gulf and XX Gulf 2

Corinth’s Fountain of Glauke was cut from the limestone ridge on which stands the Temple of Apollo (in background) and is believed to date to the sixth century B.C.  Inside it contain 4 reservoirs, which were supplied by a conduit and provided water for ancient Corinth.
019_201507.09r Corinth - Glauke Fountain

Corinth – Temple of Apollo built in 540 BC.
020_201507.09s Corinth - Temple of Apollo

Corinth - Old streets in ancient Corinth that ran down to the Corinthian Gulf
021_019_201507.09x Corinth - Old streets to Corinthian Gulf

Ancient Corinth – The Bema Seat (also called the "tribunal" or "judicial bench") was a platform on which a judge would sit as the people brought their cases before him while standing in the plaza below. This is one of those rare places where we can say that a certain biblical event took place. This place of judgment is mentioned in Acts 18, when Paul was brought before Gallio.
022_201507.09v Corinth - Bema Seat where Paul was tried

Corinth - Getting ready for our last mass near the Bema Seat where Paul stood before Gallio.
023_201507.09w Corinth - Mass held near Corinth Bema