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December in UK

The departments in our office building had a combination Thanksgiving/Christmas social in early December.  It was wonderful to have families meeting and fellowshipping, enjoying great food!
001_201612.09 JHouse

Our friend Mark Shepherd (englandschristianheritage.org.uk/core website creator) visited us.  We took him to visit Reigate Heath Windmill Church.
002_201612.10 Mark Shepherd

For the 5th consecutive year, we attended Carols in the Belfry.  What a great message of the real meaning of Christmas is given in word and song at these events!
003a_201612.11 Belfry Carols - RHBC Choir

This was the 21st year of Carols in the Belfry.  What a wonderful gesture for the management of this shopping center to give this venue to local churches!
003b_201612.11 Belfry Carols

We enjoyed hosting our neighbors for a Christmas fellowship!
004_201612.11 Christmas Get-together-Jean,John,Daisy and Zuska

We enjoyed hosting our neighbors for a Christmas fellowship!
005_201612.11 Christmas Get-together-Tony and Richard

How nice to have a visit from our Arkansas friend, Cody!
006_201612.14 Cody Denver

What a blessing to attend the Wintershall Nativity drama with the Daniels family!
007_201612.18 Daniels Family at Nativity

Office Christmas party
008_201612.21 OOF Party

Happy 1st birthday to sweet little Noelle!
009_201612.29 Yonkoski Family - Noel 1st Birthday

Celebrating with the Yonkoski family
010_201612.29 Yonkoski Family

We enjoyed an early New Years meal with our friend Daisy.
011_201612.30 Daisy, Richard, and Suzanna

Dorking, a nearby town named for a chunky cockerel bred by the Romans, has unique Christmas decorations – cockerels pulling Santa’s sleigh! 
012_201612.18 Dorking Santa pulled by cockerels

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Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

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