Canterbury, England

On Epiphany Sunday (January 5, 2014) we were privileged to attend 9 am services at The Church of St Martin in Canterbury, England -- the first church founded in England, the oldest parish church in continuous use, and the oldest church in the entire English-speaking world!
001 -2013_01_04 Parish Church of St Martin 580AD - building around 300 AD_SM

Then we were blessed to attend the 11 am services at nearby Canterbury Cathedral.
003_2013_01_05 Canterbury Cathedral-Richard and Suzanna

While in Canterbury we also visited the site of St Augustine’s Abbey, founded by St. Augustine in 598 AD to house the monks he brought with him to convert the Britons to Christianity.  
002 -2013_01_05 St Augustine Abbey-Suzanna with Canterbury Cathedral in background

We took a tour of Canterbury Cathedral including the area where we had attended morning worship.
004_2013_01_05 Canterbury Cathedral-Quire (for clergy)

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