The church we attend was founded by C. H. Spurgeon.
001_201211_18 Redhill Bapt02

We visited London’s Metropolitan Tabernacle, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ since 1650. It was pastored by C H Spurgeon 1854-1892.  Thousands gathered every Sunday for over forty years to hear Spurgeon’s lively sermons.  In addition to his regular pastoral duties, he founded Sunday schools, churches, an orphanage, and the Pastor's College. He edited a monthly church magazine and promoted literature distribution.
002A_201304_14 Metropolitan Tabernacle, London

002B_201304_14 Metropolitan Tabernacle, London

Richard with Dr. Peter Masters standing in front of C. H. Spurgeon’s pulpit and the last portrait painted of that great theologian.
002C_201304_14 Richard with Pastor Masters, Metopolitan Tabernacle, London

Suzanna at what remains of Reigate Castle, in walking distance of our apartment.  John Foxe (1516-1587), author of Foxe's Book of Martyrs did some of his writing here.  While living here in 1550, he acted as tutor to nephews of his patron Mary Fitzroy, the duchess of Richmond.
003_201304_25 Reigate Castle_John Foxe

William Booth (1829–1912) was a British Methodist preacher who founded The Salvation Army and became its first General (1878–1912). The Christian movement with a quasi-military structure and government founded in 1865 has spread from London, England to many parts of the world and is known for being one of the largest distributors of humanitarian aid.
004_201305_04 William Booth_Salvation Army

John Wesley (1703-1791), the founder of Methodism, preached his last sermon in Leatherhead on 23 February 1791.
005_201305_18 Wesley_Leatherhead

We recently visited Battle, the site of the Battle of Hastings where William, Duke of Normandy, defeated King Harold II to become William I in 1066.  We are standing in the crypt of the Benedictine Abbey which was built on the battlefield.  Within sight of the battlefield is this lovely church.
006A_013C_201306_08 Battle Abbey Crypt

St Mary the Virgin (Battle) - St Mary's has been at the centre of Christian life in Battle for nearly 900 years.  This beautiful Parish Church was founded by Abbot Ralph circa. A.D.1115. It was established to serve the community which had grown up around the Benedictine Abbey of St. Martin.
006B_201306_08 St Mary 900 yr old Catholic Ch in Battle

006C_201306_08 St Mary 900 yr old Catholic Ch in Battle

St. Mary's, Reigate - In walking distance of our home is a church that possibly predates the Norman Conquest of England.  
007_201305_03 St Mary's Reigate02

In a nearby town of Dorking, we found the place where John Wesley established the first Methodist chapel in Dorking in 1772.
201307_04 Dorking Wesley 1772

This stone plaque in St. Mary’s Church (Westerham) is dedicated to John Fryth, scholar and Protestant martyr.  Fryth was born in Westerham in 1503. He adopted Protestant views and fled abroad to help William Tyndale with his Bible translation.  On his return to England he was arrested and held in the Tower, before being burned at Smithfield on 4th July 1533.
009_201307_20 Fryth-Westerham, St Mary's
The font [receptacle for baptismal water] in this picture was used to baptize John Fryth; Benjamin Hoadley, the controversial Bishop of Bangor (1576); General James Wolfe, victor of Quebec; and Jeremy Bernard Soames, grandson of Sir Winston Churchill (1952)


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