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July 2016 in England

Just before nightfall we were able to view a glorious rainbow from our apartment window.
201607.01 Rainbow (2)1

We enjoyed a delightful “Wine (non-alcoholic wine for us tea-drinkers) and Cheese” social with all our neighbors in our apartment gardens. 
201607.06 Clairville Court Wine and Cheese Social (1)

We visited the old town of Chiddingstone, where over 70% of the buildings are more than 200 years old. The building that  is now the post office was mentioned as far back as 1453.
201607.09a Chiddingstone Village (2)

St. Mary the Virgin, Chiddingstone - The present church has 13th century origins but was substantially rebuilt in the 14th century.  Following a lightning strike in 1624, which destroyed all but the tower, the church was rebuilt and rededicated in 1629.
201607.09b Chiddingstone - St Mary the Virgin Church (3)

201607.09c Chiddingstone - St Mary the Virgin Church (8)

Sign on the outside door to the St Mary the Virgin church.
201607.09d Chiddingstone - St Mary the Virgin Church (6)

A popular theory is that the village takes its name from a large sandstone rock formation, situated on its outskirts, named the Chiding Stone.  Chidingstone was a previous spelling used for the village.  Tradition asserts that the stone was used as a seat of judgement, mainly to chide overbearing local wives, wrongdoers and witches by an assembly of villagers.  It is more likely a landmark used as a Saxon boundary marker.   Chiddingstone means "the stone of Chidda's tribe" — Chidda presumably being a local Saxon leader.
201607.09g Chiddingstone - Suzanna with Historical Chiding Stone (9)

Hever Castle began as a country house, built in the 13th century.  From 1462 to 1539 it was the seat of the Boleyn family.   Anne Boleyn, the second queen consort of King Henry VIII, spent her early youth there.   King Henry VIII bestowed it upon Anne of Cleves (his fourth wife) in 1540 as part of the settlement following the annulment of their marriage.
201607.09i Hever Castle with Suzanna and Richard (1)

201607.09j Hever Castle Exterior (3)

In 1903 Hever Castle was acquired and restored by the American millionaire William Waldorf Astor, who used it as a family residence.  He added the Italian Garden to display his collection of statuary and ornaments.
201607.09k Hever Castle - Rose Gardens (3)

There was a huge flower bed in honor of the Queen’s 90th birthday.
201607.09l Hever Castle - Tribute to Queens 90 Birthday

After we toured the castle and gardens we walked the beautiful paths through the estate.
201607.09m Hever Castle Ground Trails (1)

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Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

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