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June 2016 - Life of Christ Drama at Wintershall

We were blessed to attend the all day outdoor drama – Life of Christ!  Set in the Surrey Hills, hundreds of people attend each year during 6 days in June.  The audience moves to different places throughout the day.  It is a most memorable experience, making the New Testament come alive!  Praise God for those who make this event possible each year!

Jesus, the star of the drama and the focus of the Gospels
03 Wintershall

Our friends, the Dulle family, enjoyed the day with us.
201606.22 Wintershall - 02 Richard and Dulle Family

Luke was the narrator of the Gospel story
201606.22 Wintershall - 06 Luke as Narrator (1)

Joseph and Mary travel to Bethlehem
201606.22 Wintershall - 07 Joseph and Mary arriving in Bethlehem

Shepherds find Baby Jesus in a Bethlehem stable
201606.22 Wintershall - 10 Baby Jesus and Shepherds (1)

Baby Jesus at the temple with Simeon and Anna
201606.22 Wintershall - 11 Baby Jesus at Temple with Simeon and Anna (2)

Boy Jesus in the temple
201606.22 Wintershall - 17 Boy Jesus in Temple (2)

Jesus telling Peter and James to cast their nets on the other side of the boat, prior to calling them to follow him.
201606.22 Wintershall - 20 Jesus calling Peter, James, John and Andrew (4)

Jesus at the Wedding Feast in Cana
201606.22 Wintershall - 22 Wedding Feast at Cana (1)

Crowds come to hear Jesus teach
201606.22 Wintershall - 25 Jesus Preaching to the Crowds (5)

Jesus teaching his disciples and other followers
201606.22 Wintershall - 25 Jesus Preaching to the Crowds (7)

Jesus telling Nicodemus that he must be born again
201606.22 Wintershall - 30 Jesus and Nicodemas (1)

Mary anointing Jesus’ feet with costly fragrant oil
201606.22 Wintershall - 37 Jesus with Mary (3)

Jesus confronting the Pharisees before cleansing the temple
201606.22 Wintershall - 40 Cleansing of Temple (2)

Jesus and his disciples at the Last Supper
201606.22 Wintershall - 42 Last Supper (5)

Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane ”. . . not my will, but thine be done”
201606.22 Wintershall - 43 Jesus in Garden of Gethsemane (1)

Jesus taken before Pilot after his arrest
201606.22 Wintershall - 48 Jesus and Barsabbas before Pontus Pilot (6)

Jesus carrying his cross to Golgotha
201606.22 Wintershall - 50 Jesus carrying Cross (4)

Jesus giving his life so that we may be saved
201606.22 Wintershall - 52 Jesus Crucified (2)

The resurrected Christ arriving in Galilee
201606.22 Wintershall - 56 Jesus meets with Disciples in Galilee (1)


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