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May 2016 - Redhill/Reigate, Portsmouth, Chartwell

Reigate - Gatton Park

Acres of bluebells in Gatton Park, near our home
001 Gatton Bluebells

Cattle grazing near Gatton Park
002_201605.04 Gatton Park Cattle (2)

Martha fed one of the cows.
003_201605.04 Gatton Park Cattle (1)

Suzanna and Richard at Gatton Park
004_201605.04 Gatton Bluebells (12)


Riding the train to Portsmouth Harbor
005_201605.05 Train to Portsmouth (3)

Due to “sickouts” in view of a strike of workmen, we did more waiting than riding on this train trip!
005b_201605.05 Train to Portsmouth (1)

HMS Victory at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard – Lord Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805
006_201605.05 Portsmouth HMS Victory (2)

HMS M33 is an M29-class monitor of the Royal Navy built in 1915.   She is one of only three surviving Royal Navy warships of the First World War and the only surviving ship from the Gallipoli Campaign.
007 Portsmouth HMS M.33


It was a blessing to go to our church together!
019_201605.08 Redhill Baptist Church (1)

We ate in our hometown where the local newspaper reported that queen ate recently as an early celebration of her 90th birthday!
020_201605.07 Redhill - Toby Carvery Visit (2)


Suzanna and Richard with Lady Clementine and Sir Winston Churchill
021_201605.08 Chartwell (18)

Rick and Martha at Chartwell, home of the Churchills
022_201605.08 Chartwell (21)

Black swans at Chartwell
023_201605.08 Chartwell Black Swans (1)

Chartwell – home of Winston Churchill
024_201605.08 Chartwell, Winston Churchill Home (3)

Brother and sister enjoying the peaceful scenery of Chartwell
025_201605.08 Chartwell (5)



May 16 - Chartwell