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May 2016 - Dover, UK

Dover Castle is England’s largest castle and was founded in the 11th century.  During the Second World War the tunnels under the castle were converted first into an air-raid shelter and then later into a military command center and underground hospital.
008_201605.06 Dover Castle (1)

St. Mary in Castro at Dover Castle – This Saxon church was built on the Castle Hill in the 10th century.
009_201605.06 Dover Castlev- St Marys in Castro Church (6)

Roman Lighthouse at Dover Castle datinges from around 46-50 AD (during the reign of the Emperor Claudius 41-54 AD)
010_201605.06 Dover Castle - Old Roman Lighthouse

Armory room of Dover Castle
011_201605.06 Dover Castle - Armory room (3)

Richard with one of the WW II guns at Dover Castle.
011b_201605.06 Dover Castle- WW II Guns (1)

We hiked the coastline above the White Cliffs of Dover to South Foreland Lighthouse, built in 1843.  It was the first lighthouse to use an electric light.
012_201605.06 Dover Lighthouse

Tea time at Mrs. Knotts Tearoom in the South Foreland Lighthouse
013_201605.06 Dover - High Tea at Lighthouse

Richard and Suzanna by the White Cliffs of Dover
014_201605.06 Dover White Cliffs (2)

Rick and Martha by the White Cliffs of Dover
015_201605.06 Dover White Cliffs (4)

View of the White Cliffs of Dover
016_201605.06 Dover White Cliffs (1)

Dover port where ferries depart and arrive to and from France
017_201605.06 Dover Castle - View of city of Dover (1)

Notice the TV screen on the wall.  During most of our meal, an infomercial in Turkish aired, urging viewers to take advantage of this wonderful deal on hemorrhoid cream and spray!  It was quite graphic . . . not your usual mealtime entertainment for sure!
019_201605.06 Dover Restaurant-Hemoroid Infomercial on TV during supper meal (2)

Petworth, UK

The vast late 17th-century mansion Petworth House is set in a beautiful 700-acre deer park.  Petworth is famous for its extensive art collection.
026_201605.14 Petworth House (1)

The largest herd of fallow deer in England reside at Petworth House, West Sussex
027_201605.14 Petworth House Grounds - Herds of Deer (2)

027_201605.14 Petworth House Grounds - Herds of Deer (4)

Martha and Suzanna were fascinated by this lovely handkerchief tree.
028_201605.14 Petworth Handkerchief Tree



May 16 - Dover