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May 2016 - English Riviera


Bust of Agatha Christie; Torquay is called the English Riviera.  Christie was born here and spent many of the most important chapters of her life here, as well as using real places in the area as settings for her murder mysteries.
010_201605.16 Torquay - Agatha Christie Bust (2)

Grand Hotel, Torquay, is part of the Agatha Christie Trail.  It was at the Grand Hotel where Agatha Christie spent her honeymoon.
011_201605.16 Torquay - Grand Hotel (1)

Torre Abbey, Torquay, is part of the Agatha Christie Trail.  Potent Plants Garden at Torre Abbey was inspired by the life of crime writer Agatha Christie.  The Abbey’s head gardener dug deep into the murky world of poisons, antidotes and remedies in Christie’s novels and created a garden featuring a variety of interesting plants that may cure or kill depending on one’s motives.
012_201605.16 Torquay - Torre Abbey (2)

Ice cream was a welcome treat after several hours of walking.  Don’t miss the sign on the wall – “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream; and that is pretty much the same thing!”
013_201605.16 Torquay - Ice Cream Break

View of the bay by Torquay beach
014_201605.16 Torquay - Beach Scenes (1)

014a_201605.16 Torquay - Beach Scenes (2)

The beach houses are so colorful and cute!
015_201605.16 Torquay Beach Houses (2)

Rick and Martha returning from the Torquay beach.
015a_201605.16 Torquay - Walking along the Beach (3)

Torquay Princess Pier
016_201605.16 Torquay Princess Pier (3)

Marina at Torquay
017_201605.16 Torquay Marina (2)

Richard does not get breakfast served like this at home!
018_201605.16 Torquay - Newton House B&B (5)

Paignton and Greenway Halt

We rode the steam train from Paignton to Greenway Halt.
019_201605.17 Paignton to Dartmouth Steam Train (10)

Riding the Paignton to Dartmouth steam train
021_201605.17 Paignton to Dartmouth Steam Train (4)

022_201605.17 Paignton to Dartmouth Steam Train (5)

We hiked from the train stop to Greenway, home of Agatha Christie. The hike was 2 miles over beautiful wooded hills.

023_201605.17 Greenway Halt-Hike from train to Agatha Christie home (6)

024_201605.17 Greenway Halt-Hike from train to Agatha Christie home (4)

Greenway - home of Agatha Christie
025_201605.17 Greenway Halt - Agatha Christie home

There is not a manned train station in Greenway, so we had to turn on a special light to notify the train to make an unscheduled stop. Then we returned by steam train back to Paignton. 
026_201605.17 Paignton to Dartmouth Steam Train (14)

026a_201605.17 Paignton to Dartmouth Steam Train (27)

Upon arriving in Paignton, the steam train needed to refill the boilers with water.
027_201605.17 Paignton to Dartmouth Steam Train (31)

Paignton is a lovely seaside town.
028_201605.17 Paignton to Dartmouth Steam Train-View from train (15)



May 16 - Torquay