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May 2017 - Gibraltar City and Europa Point

Our first activity was a trip to see the many dolphins in the waters around Gibraltar.
03 201705.08 Gibraltar - Dolphin Watching Trip

Just a few of the many dolphins that swan around our boat.
04 201705.08 Gibraltar - Dolphin Watching Trip (7)

Partial view of the Rock of Gibraltar with our cruise ship hotel in the foreground.
05 201705.08 Gibraltar - Sanborn Hotel with Rock in background

Gibraltar city gates – entrance to the old market section of the city.
06 201705.08 Gibraltar City Gates (2)

Gibraltar government office building.  It has been official residence of Governor of Gibraltar since 1728.   Originally it was a convent of Franciscan monks.
07 201705.08 Gibraltar - The Covent - Government Offices (1)

Wesley Methodist Church in the heart of Gibraltar.
08 201705.08 Gibraltar - Wesley Methodist Church

Exit gates from the Great Defensive Wall around the old city.  It was built by Emperor Charles V in 1552.  It originally had a drawbridge.
30 201705.10 Gibraltar - City Defensive Wall (3)

The 100 Ton Gun was installed in 1883.   Its purpose was to defend the Strait of Gibraltar and shells from the gun were capable of reaching across the strait into Morocco.
31 201705.10 Gibraltar - 100 Ton Gun (5)

This seagull’s eggs were hatching and she was not happy to have us take pictures.
32 201705.10 Gibraltar - Seagull with Baby Chicks (2)

Entrance to one of the roads that was tunneled under the Rock of Gibraltar.   We walked through this tunnel (Keightley Way) to reach the south end of the Rock of Gibraltar.
34 201705.10 Gibraltar - Roads tunnelled under the Rock (1)

Originally Keightley Way tunnel allowed 2- way traffic.  Now it is only one lane for vehicles and a lane for pedestrian.  The tunnel travels under the Rock for over mile.  We walked this route to reach the southern end of Gibraltar (Europa Point).
35 201705.10 Gibraltar - Roads tunnelled under the Rock (4)

At the southern end of Gibraltar is the huge Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque.
36 201705.10 Gibraltar Mosque with Rock in background

Europa Point on the southern end of Gibraltar is the most southern place of continental Europe.
40 201705.10 Gibraltar - Southern Tip (1)

The Europa Point Lighthouse at Europa Point on the southeastern tip of Gibraltar is at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea.
41 201705.10 Gibraltar - Lighthouse (2)

View of the southern tip of Gibraltar and the Europa Point Lighthouse.   The Atlas Mountains of Morocco can be seen across the strait of Gibraltar.
42 201705.10 Gibraltar - Lighthouse with Morocco across the channel

Dudley Ward Way is a 2-lane road tunnel through 1/3 mile of the south-eastern part of the Rock of Gibraltar.  It doesn’t allow pedestrians, so we were not able to enter the tunnel.
43 201705.10 Gibraltar - Road under the Rock (1)


May 17 Gibraltar City