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2015 Remembrance Sunday in UK

Praise God for freedoms we enjoy as a result of those who served in the military!

We attended the Armistice Service of Remembrance at the War Memorial, Shaws Corner in Redhill in remembrance of British military personnel who lost their lives fighting for freedom. 
001_201511_08 Remembrance Sunday (16)

All of the military branches were represented by marching bands and parades. 
002_201511_08 Remembrance Sunday (1)

Originally this memorial was for the dead of WWI, but now it includes the wars that followed, including those who recently died in service in Afghanistan and Iraq.
003_201511_08 Remembrance Sunday (15)

This verse from Robert Laurence Binyon’s poem, “For the Fallen,” was included in the ceremony.  
003b_Lest We Forget

The Lord Mayor of Reigate-Banstead presided over the presentation of the wreaths.
004_201511_08 Remembrance Sunday (13)

After the outdoor ceremony, we attended a service at Redhill United Reformed Church.  The service was attended by the mayor and councilors of the borough as well as justices of the peace and policemen. 
005_201511_08 Remembrance Sunday (2)

“In Flanders Fields” was read during the church service. 

We are thankful for the military heritage in our family.
007_Dot Walls and dog tags

Richard’s father, Tom Hanham, served in the Canadian army 1940-1945.
008_Hanham, Tom

Richard’s father’s uniform is on display in the museum in Grande Prairie, Alberta.
009_201505.19 Thomas Hanham Uniform in Museum1

Suzanna’s father, John Raymond Tilley, served about 5 years in the US army including 26 months as a POW in WW II.
010_Raymond Tilley

Richard’s grandfather Dick Greentree and his great uncle Johnny Erskine served in WWII.
011_194000 Dick Greentree and Johnny Erskine(uncle)

Richard’s great uncle, Reg Greentree, gave his life in the line of duty in 1944.
012_194100 Reg Greentree

In walking distance from our home is this memorial to 9 US airmen who died in an airplane crash on this site March 19, 1945.
013_201409_27 Walk Reigate to Dorking-Crash Site of 9 USA airmen

“Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red” had 888,246 ceramic poppies planted in the Tower of London's moat, and each poppy represented a British military fatality during World War I.   On October, 2014 we were privileged to be among the 4 million visitors who viewed this impressive display.
014_201410_18 WWI Poppies @ Tower of London (15)

Our shopping center’s Remembrance Service took place at 11am on 11/11/15.  Participants in the Remembrance Service included the mayor and other community leaders,  local ministers, the Royal British Legion, and the Territorial Army and Cadets.  The most somber time of the Remembrance Service was a Last Post and a two minute silence. 
015_201511.11 Veterans Day at Belfry (13)

The Remembrance Service had a 60,000 poppy petal drop, followed by readings and buglers.
017_201511.11 Veterans Day at Belfry (19)


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