St. Andrew’s Church in Steyning, West Sussex, England

Tradition is that St Cuthman built the first wooden structure on this site in approx 750 AD. There was certainly a church on the site in 857 when it is recorded that King Ethelwulf of Wessex was buried there in that year. The earliest part of our present building, built by the French Monks of Fecamp, dates from the 12th Century.
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Note the rings on St. Andrews’ door behind Suzanna.  Under medieval Church law a fugitive from justice could be temporarily secure in the church or even by grasping 'sanctuary' rings on the door. The fugitive could be tried by the church and not the state.
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This plaque inside the church memorializes a man who lived a “sober and inoffensive life.”
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William Penn - Steyning

William Penn lived near Steyning and was associated with a Quaker meeting house on this site.
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St. Nicolas Church - Steyning

Parish Church of St. Nicholas – built in 1073 (located near Steyning, West Sussex, England)
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