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2015 Fall in the USA

We have enjoyed autumn in several states, traveling to spend lots of time with family and friends!

Richard and Suzanna at Silver Dollar City in Branson MO
001_201510.15 Richard and Suzanna at Silver Dollar City (2)

Fellowship with church friends in Hawesville, KY
002_201510.11 Daniels House Church (1)

Tammy and Joe Daniels on a lovely day at Rough River Park, KY
003b2_201510.11 Tammy and Joe Daniels at Rough River Park (2)

Celtic cross in Cannelton, Indiana, was carved single-handedly by Greg Harris from the center of a 20-foot-high boulder.  
004_201510.11 Celtic Cross, Cannelton, IN (4)

Bryan Kuegel, Markley Freer (Melinda’s mother), Melinda and Conrad Francis
005_201510.09 Bryan, Markley, Melinda and Conrad (1)

Julie and Joe Schaber, KY neighbors
006_201510.10 Julie and Joe Schaber (1)

Martin family – Brett, Lindsey, Debbie (Brett’s mother), and Grace
007_201510.04 Brett, Lindsey, Debbie, Gracie (1)

Conrad and Melinda Francis departing to attend a live theatre presentation in Louisville
008_201510.13 Conrad and Melinda Francis (2)

How wonderful to have dinner with Darla and Terry Heeringa!
009_201510.13 Darla and Terry Heeringa with Richard and Suzanna (1)

Breakfast with a dear friend, Jane Young
010_201510.12 Richard and Suzanna with Jane Young (1)

Kent Rollins is an acclaimed chuck wagon cook and has made numerous television appearances.  What a treat to watch him make sourdough biscuits in a dutch oven. . . and a bigger treat to eat them!
010b_201510.15 Kent Rollins - Chuckwagon Cooking at Silver Dollar City (13)

We were blessed to see “Jonah” at Sight and Sound Theatre in Branson. 
011_201510.16 Sight and Sound Theater in Branson MO (6)

Ian and Kaitlyn playing with their grandpa
012_201510.17 Time with Ian and Kaitlyn Estes at local park in Moore (8)

Michael, Ian, Kaitlyn, and Renee
014_201510.18 Michael, Renee, Ian and Kaitlyn Estes (Moore city park) (1)

Suzanna with grandchildren Kaitlyn and Ian
015_201510.17 Time with Ian and Kaitlyn Estes at local park in Moore (9)

We had a fun day at the zoo in Oklahoma City with Renee and Michael.
017_201510.19 Oklahoma City Zoo (1)

Renee at Oklahoma City Zoo
019_201510.19 Oklahoma City Zoo (7)

We enjoyed attending First Baptist Church, Moore, OK.
020_201510.18 Suzanna at Moore 1st Baptist Church (1)

We met friend Danny Smith for breakfast.
021_201510.20 Danny Smith with Richard

We traveled historic Route 66 from Oklahoma City to Tulsa, OK and saw the famous Round barn in Arcadia, OK
023_201510.20 Route 66 - Arcadia Round Barn (2)

Marlene and Butch Braught have been dear friends for many years.
025_201510.21 Butch and Marlene Braught with Richard and Suzanna (1)

After church Wednesday night, Butch helped with the pancake supper.
026_201510.21 Butch Braught - cooking pancakes at Mannford Christian church (2)

Rascal is Marlene and Butch’s donkey; The Nubian burro has a cross on its back because it was believed that these donkeys carried Jesus to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.
027_201510.22 Marlene Braughts Donkey (Rascal) (4)

At Butch and Marlene’s B&B, Richard earned our keep!
028_201510.22 Richard Feeding Marlene Braughts Horses and Donkey (1)

We had comfortable seats at a Tulsa theatre for watching “Woodlawn.”
029_201510.22 Movies with Braughts (3)

Richard with grandson Mason and son Pete
030_201510.24 Pete and family (1)

Lunch in Ft. Smith, AR, with Marshall, Mason, Pete, and Kipper
031_201510.24 Pete and family (2)

Pete, Kipper (Pete’s granddaughter), grandson Marshall, and Richard
032_201510.24 Pete and family (4)

What a blessing to be with our church family at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church!
033_201510.28 GAs at PGBC (1)

Enjoying autumn with Mamie Whitten and Jack at Kentucky’s Carter Caves State Park
034_201510.31 Carter St Pk (30)

Smoky Bridge at Carter Caves State Park in Kentucky
035_201510.31 Carter St Pk_Smoky Bridge

Hiking in Carter Caves State Park
036_201510.31 Carter St Pk (12)

Staying at Carter Caves State Park with Mamie and Jack
038_201510.31 Carter St Pk (35)


USA - Oct 15