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Neapolis (Kavala), Greece

The Apostle Paul, accompanied by Silas, Luke, and Timothy, first set foot in Europe when they landed at Kavala (Neapolis - Acts 16:11-12), a principal seaport of eastern Macedonia. 
Note the 6th C Byzantine castle on the acropolis (acropolis is a general term for highest part of a city).
001bb_201507.05e Neapolis Acropolis-Castle

Outside this church in Kavala (Neapolis) is a depiction of Paul’s arrival and ministry
001c_201507.05 Kavala Church

There still remains part of the road that Paul walked from Kavala (Neapolis) to Philippi (Acts 16:11-12)
001d_201507.05d Road Paul walked from Neapolis to Philippi

Philippi, Greece

Lydia - the first Christian convert in Europe - was baptized here in the river at this lovely place! 
002_201507.05h Lydias Bapistry

Near the site of Lydia’s baptism, we participated with our fellow Roman Catholic pilgrims in a mass, which included reading about Lydia’s conversion and Paul’s ministry in Philippi (Acts 16).
002b_201507.05h Lydias Bapistry site - Daily Pilgrimage Mass

Ancient Philippian Greek amphitheater
003_201507.05j Ancient Phillipi Greek amplitheater

Excavated Philippian Jail which would be very similar to the one in which Paul and Silas were held. (Acts 16)  At midnight they were praying and singing hymns when an earthquake opened the doors and loosened their chains
004_201507.05n Philippi Jail similar to the one for Paul and Silas

Ancient Philippi Agora (market place)
005_201507.05p Ancient Philippi Agora (market place)

Ancient Philippi Agora (market place)
006_201507.05p Ancient Philippi Agora (market place)

Here is a section of an ancient Greek road on which Paul walked in Philippi.
007_201507.05r Greek road Paul walked on from Philippi

Traveling from Philippi to Thessaloniki

As we travelled from Thessaloniki to Philippi, we passed many fields of sunflowers.  The mountains show evidence of quarries from which marble is taken.
001b_201507.05a Marble Mining and Sunflowers



Neapolis & Philippi