August 2014 Redhill, England

Walking distance from our home at Gatton Park is St Andrews Church which dates back to 1084 AD.
001_201408_03 Gatton Park-St Andrews church-from 1084 AD

August 2014 Plymouth, England

Charles Church (1708 AD) stands as a forlorn memorial to the bombings of WWII.
002_201408_24 Charles Church built in 1708 - WWII Memorial

We attended Sunday morning worship at Plymouth’s oldest church, St. Andrews.  In March 1941, St Andrew's Parish Church was bombed and badly damaged.  Amidst the smoking ruins someone nailed over the door a wooden sign saying simply Resurgam (Latin for  “I shall rise again”), reflecting the Christian hope of new life for all who trust in Christ and also indicating the wartime spirit, a gesture repeated at other devastated European churches.  That entrance to St Andrew's is still referred to as the "Resurgam" door, and a carved granite plaque is now permanently fixed there. 
003_201408_24 St Andrews Ch, Plymouth

August 2014 Tavistock, England

St. Eustachius Church was dedicated in 1318 though there are very few remains of that building today.  It was rebuilt and enlarged into its current form between 1350 and 1450.
004_201408_24 Tavistock, St. Eustachius_AD 131802

August 2014 Ottery, England

St Mary Parish Church is largely the work of John de Grandisson, Bishop of Exeter (1312-1369), who built it in 1342, as a “Collegiate Church”, a small scale version of the Exeter Cathedral.
005_201408_25 Ottery St Mary Church

September 2014 Redhill, England

Our church, Redhill Baptist, founded by Charles Spurgeon, celebrated its 150th birthday!
006_201409_07 RHB 150th Anniv

Here is the song that opened the celebration service.

LORD, FOR THE YEARS  (written in 1976)
Tune - Lord of the Years by Michael Baughen.
Words for this hymn were written by Timothy Dudley-Smith

Lord, for the years your love has kept and guided,
Urged and inspired us, cheered us on our way,
Sought us and saved us, pardoned and provided,
Lord of the years, we bring our thanks today.

Redhill Baptist Church – “Looking back with gratitude to God, looking forward with confidence in God”
007_201409_07 RHB 150th Anniv

At Redhill Baptist Church’s 150th birthday celebration Sept 7, 2014, the mayor brought greetings from the queen. 
008_201409_07 RHB 150th Anniv

September 2014 Reigate, England

Heath Windmill, built in 1765, was last worked by wind in April 1862.  In 1880, the roundhouse was converted into a chapel of ease for St Mary's Parish Church, Reigate (Surrey), the first service taking place on September 14, 1880.  The Mill Church is this country’s only windmill church.
009_201409_07 Reigate Heath Windmill Church

The Heath Church, one of the first “pre-fab” churches!   Located on Reigate Heath, it is the daughter church of St Mary's.  It is one of the timber frame and corrugated iron buildings mass-produced from the middle of the 19th Century and exported to the colonies in a knocked-down condition ready for quick assembly.   The first service was held on 28 July 1907, and morning services have been held every Sunday since then.
010_201409_07 Reigate Heath Church

A rare opportunity to visit Cranston Library, St. Mary’s Church, Reigate allowed us to view some rare books, including a manuscript (hand written) Bible from the 1200s,  a 1603 Breeches Bible, an illustrated Fox’s Book of Martyrs (1563), and an herb book from 1630.  Cranston Library is England’s oldest lending library.  We were allowed to take photos but prohibited from posting them on the internet.  
011_201409_13 St Mary's



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