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2015 September in Kentucky

Praise God for the privilege of spending a few weeks in the USA – beginning with our “ole’ Kentucky home”!

What a blessing to be back in Owensboro, KY, and to walk along the lovely Ohio River!  The city has made a lot of impressive changes downtown during the 3 years that we have lived in United Kingdom!
001_201509.10 Owensboro (12)

Our Cornerstone Sunday School class at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church hosted a feast!
004_201509.11 Cornerstone Class (3)

Ah, how wonderful to attend a Southern Gospel concert in Madisonville!  It was hosted by the Childress Family.  We also heard Tim Lovelace and The Hoppers.
006_201509.12 Hoppers Concert (46)

The Hoppers’ bus driver (Matthew Griffith) proved that he can do more than drive a bus when he sang with them.
007_201509.12 Hoppers Concert (34)

Suzanna has known The Hoppers’ bus driver since he was an infant!  He grew up singing with his parents (The Griffiths) and The Gethsemane Quartet!
008_201509.12 Hoppers Concert Suz and Matthew Griffith CR

Proud grandmothers Miriam and Rebecca with Bennett on Grandparents Day at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church!
009_201509.13 Miriam, Bennett, Rebecca

We had lunch with three Kentucky belles – Liz, Nancy, and Virginia are precious friends and they are such an inspiration with their faith and humor.
010_201509.16 Hanhams, Nancy, Liz, Va (3)

Melinda and Conrad Francis at Reid’s Apple Orchard, Owensboro, KY.   They so graciously shared their home with us during our time in KY.  We were so thankful for their hospitality!  They were wonderful hosts, and we highly recommend their “B&B”!
013_201509.18 Melinda and Conrad at Reid's

We wonder if Suzanna might qualify for a free drink of water?
014_201509.18 O'boro St Sign

Moonlight BBQ with our good friends Peggy and Jerry Inklebarger.
015_201509.20 Moonlight


Kentucky-Sep 15