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2015 September in Canada

We visited family and friends in Canada and the USA during September and October.  Our first stop was in Canada.

Farewell, London!
001_201509.01 Leaving UK

We enjoyed a brisk walk around a lake in Grande Prairie with Richard’s sister Martha and her husband Rick Sirockman.
002_201509.03RS GrPrairie Walk

Niece Dallace (Sirockman) with husband Cam Lawless and their children Milo and Xavier
004_201509.02 Sirockman Family-Dallace, Cam, Xavier, Milo (1)

Niece Sheri (Sirockman) with husband Ryan Brewster and their children Sam, Max, and Chloe
005_201509.02 Sirockman Family -Sherri, Ryan, Chloe, Sammy, Max (2)

Martha and Rick hosted a wonderful evening of desserts and fellowship with aunts, uncles, and cousins!
008_201509.03RS Louise's Siblings (7)

The Currie Dinosaur Museum recently opened in Wembley, Alberta.  Currie Dinosaur Museum celebrates one of the world’s richest dinosaur-bone beds in nearby Pipestone Creek.
014_201509.04 Currie Dinosaur Museum (18)

Wildlife in Canada includes cougars.
016_201509.04RS Currie Dinosaur Museum (6)

Family Feast at a Chinese Restaurant
017_201509.04 Chinese Dinner_CR

Rick and Richard
019_201509.05 Sirockman Yard (5)

Suzanna enjoying Martha’s and Rick’s lovely flowers
020_201509.05 Sirockman Yard

Herb and Mother Louise live in a comfortable, convenient apartment in Grande Prairie, Alberta
023_201509.06 Herb, Louise, Richard (1)

Pastor Ben Lane at Coram Deo Baptist Church in Grande Prairie preached a dynamic sermon!
025_201509.06 Richard with Pastor

Martha with daughters Dallace and Sheri
029_201509.07 Brewsters Dinner Dallace, Martha, Sheri (1)

Four generations – Chloe and Sheri (Sirockman) Brewster, Martha Sirockman, and Louise Hanham Griffiths
036_201509.07RS Brewsters Dinner_4 Generations (2)


Sep  15 - Canada